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The night we all became pole dancers.. 😳💃 @hai.tsu is a pro. 👌 #626nightmarket #partybus #stripperpole #wtfisgoingon #summer2014 #friends #love #poledancers (at 626 Night Market)
Is it a plant pot or is it ice-cream in a pot? 😉👌🍦🌿 #pottedicecream #626nightmarket #icecream #socute #love #itsjustforaesthetics #summer2014  (at 626 Night Market)

So… I went to see a therapist/psychologist today. I was able to let out my feelings, what’s on my mind, etc. It felt kindda good. It felt like venting to a friend, but only it was to this older Asian lady who has a PhD in Psychology.. LOL. She was a nice lady and she helped me assess my situation and figure out why I’ve been feeling really tense and sad. 

I used to think that going to therapy is stupid and it’s a white-people thing, but I mean, I guess I’m taking a positive step for my mental health. It’s good to know that what I’m feeling is normal and I’m not going crazy overthinking or being paranoid. I guess everything has been building up since my grandpa passed away and when I moved. 

I told my psychologist about my one-time suicidal thought because I thought it would be beneficial. I mean, it’s scary to think that I have thought about stuff like that. She simply explained to me that it’s just the curiosity of if people will care and/or who will care if I was gone, but not necessarily the action of committing suicide part. I told her that I would never ever intend on doing so, it was just a thought to see who will miss me if I was gone.

I’ve never been such an emotional wreck like this. I used to be a happy, and optimistic person. I guess as I’m maturing, I’m also starting to see all the negatives in life and the bad sides of people. Everything used to be just black and white and full of rainbows and sunshine to me.. I miss my youth and innocence. 

I told my psychologist that I needed to learn how to control my anger issues. I never had this problem before, but now I’m on a short fuse. I just blow up when I get mad. I can’t control it. Well, I can.. on most things, but if it’s something dramatic then I can’t. 

Well, I’m meeting my psychologist again next week so we’ll see how this goes. YES! Using up all the resources that UCI offers. 

I don’t usually stay out late, but when I do, it’s for Hieu’s birthday! 😂👵🎂🎉 #20thbirthday #love #summer2014 #friends #imagrandma #happybirthday #mrpresident #mideng #tgif (at TGIFriday’s at The Outlets of Orange)
The Sailor Mars to my Sailor Moon 😘 #love #childhoodbestfriend #familyreunion #summer2014 #rasushi #catchingup #fun #sailormars #sailormoon (at RA Sushi Bar Restaurant)
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